Zygfryd Juczyński, Nina Ogińska-Bulik (2009)
Especially useful for:
Psychologists, sociologist, medical stuff, health protection and promotion personnel (psychology, sociology, medical or health protection and promotion diploma required).
A – for psychologists and other professionals (MA required)

A collection which describes following tools:

  • PSS-10 – Perceived Stress Scale (authors: S. Cohen, T. Kamarck & R. Mermelstein; adaptation: Zygfryd Juczyński, Nina Ogińska-Bulik) serving to assess the subjective stress-related feelings.
  • COPE – Multidimensional Coping Inventory (authors: Charles S. Carver, Michael F. Scheier & Jagdish K. Weintraub; adaptation: Zygfryd Juczyński, Nina Ogińska-Bulik) serving to examine stress-coping strategies. Available only in electronic version.
  • Mini-COPE – Coping Inventory (author: Ch. S. Carver; adaptation:  Zygfryd Juczyński, Nina Ogińska-Bulik). Available only in electronic version.
  • JSR – How Do You Cope? (authors: Zygfryd Juczyński, Nina Ogińska-Bulik) evaluating stress-coping strategies
  • DS14 – Type D Personality Scale (authors: Nina Ogińska-Bulik, Zygfryd Juczyński, Johan Denollet) measuring so-called stress personality traits (type D)

DESCRIPTION: The collection includes data about psychometric properties of each above-mentioned tool as well as instructions about testing, scoring, and interpretation. One of them (JSR) is developed for children and adolescents from 11 to 17, the other four – for adults. All tools are self-report inventories, short and easy to administer; the examinees use four- or five-point scales.

RELIABILITY: All tools  were measured in terms of the internal consistency and stability, which yielded satisfactory indices.

VALIDITY: Confirmed expected correlations between scores from separate tools and results of measuring similar variables or theoretically related constructs, as well as their connection with other external criteria. The data from factor analyses also confirm the validity of the tools.

NORMS: The normalization data  were collected on relatively large samples usually including healthy as well as sick persons. The PSS-10 scale has standard ten norms, in the remaining ones, the function of norms is performed by standard deviations and means calculated for various groups.

APPLICATIONS: Mostly research, but may be also used in the practice, screening, prophylaxis, evaluating therapeutic effectiveness. For psychologists, as well as physicians, sociologists, pedagogues, and other specialists investigating stress, working in the field of health promotion and education, prophylaxis and therapy.

•    Kit (manual, sheets for three tools, 25 copies each)
•    Manual
•    DS14 sheets set (25 copies)
•    PSS-10 sheets set (25 copies)
•    JSR sheets set (25 copies)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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