C. D. Spielberger, R. L. Gorsuch, R. E. Lushene
Polish adaptation:
C. D. Spielberger, J. Strelau, M. Tysarczyk, K. Wrześniewski (1987)
T. Sosnowski, K. Wrześniewski, A. Jaworowska, D. Fecenec (2011 – fourth extended edition)
Adolescents at the age of 15-16, adults (21–79 years), soldiers in basic military service.
Individual or group administration; no time limit; approximately 15–20 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

The STAI measures anxiety understood as a transient and situationally determined state of the individual and anxiety understood as a relatively stable personality trait.

DESCRIPTION: The STAI consists of two sub-scales, one (X-1) measuring state anxiety and the other (X-2) measuring trait anxiety. The items of the sub-scales are printed on the reverse sides of the same test sheet. Each sub-scale consists of 20 items which the subject answers by selecting one of four pre-categorised answers.

RELIABILITY: Both sub-scales have high internal consistency; their stability, especially that of scale X-1, is lower.

NORMS: For adolescents at the age of 15-16, adults (21-79 years), soldiers in basic military service.

APPLICATIONS: Primarily for research purposes and screening.

•    Kit (manual, scoring key, 25 test sheets)
•    Manual
•    Test sheets (25 copies)
•    Scoring key



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