Zygfryd Juczyński (second edition, 2012)
Especially useful for:
Psychologists, sociologists, educators, psychotherapists, medical personnel, health protection and promotion workers (MA degree in psychological, sociological, pedagogical, medical or health protection and promotion studies required)
A – for psychologists and other professionals (MA required)

This is a set of psychometric parameters and instructions for the 18 instruments.

  • AIS – Acceptance of Illness Scale (Barbara J. Felton, T. A. Revenson, G. A. Hinrichsen; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • BPCQ – Beliefs about Pain Control Questionnaire (Suzanne Skevington; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • CECS – Emotional Control Scale] (Maggie Watson, Steven Greer; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • CSQ – Coping Strategies Questionnaire (Anne C. Rosenstiel, Frances J. Keefe; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • GSES – Generalised Self-Efficacy Scale (Ralf Schwartzer, Michael Jerusalem and Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • IZZ – Health Behavior Inventory (Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • KompOs – Personal Competence  Scale (Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • LKZ – Health Criteria List (Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • LOT-R – Life Orientation Test (Michael F. Scheier, Charles S. Carver, Michael W. Bridges; Polish adaptation Ryszard Poprawa, Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • LWO – Personal Values Schedule (Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • MHLC – Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale (Kenneth A. Wallston, Barbara S. Wallston, Robert DeVellis; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • Mini-MAC – Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale (Maggie Watson, Matthew Law, Maria dos Santos, Steven Greer, John Baruch, Judith Bliss; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • PRF – List of Patient Expectations (Peter Salmon, Jone Quine; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • SEG – Anger Expression Scale (Nina Ogińska-Bulik, Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • SWLS – Satisfaction with Life Scale (Ed Diener, R. A. Emmons, R. J. Larson, S. Griffin; Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • TAB – Type A/B Scale - DM version (Nina Ogińska-Bulik, Zygfryd Juczyński)
  • TYP-A - SKALA – Type A Scale (The Framingham Heart Study Research Group; (Polish adaptation Zygfryd Juczyński)

DESCRIPTION: All the instruments are “paper-and-pencil”, self-report instruments. They are short scales and questionnaires, easy to use. Subjects enter their answers on answer sheets.

RELIABILITY: Internal consistency has been estimated for most of the instruments and stability for some of them (test-retest after six weeks).

VALIDITY: Concurrent validity established by correlating the scores on a given instrument with scores on other tests; for most of the instruments construct validity has also been estimated using factor analysis.

NORMS: Standard ten norms for general samples; means for a variety of clinical groups.

APPLICATIONS: For research purposes and for diagnosis in professional practice. The instruments may be used not only by psychologists but also by physicians, sociologists, pedagogues and other professionals working in health promotion, health education, prevention and therapy.

•    Kit (manual, answer sheets for 17 tests, 25 copies per test)
•    Manual
•    Answer sheets for 18 tests (25 copies per test)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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