Rüdiger Hossiep and Michael Paschen
Polish adaptation:
Research team of the Psychological Tests Laboratory of the Polish Psychological Association
Aleksandra Jaworowska, Urszula Brzezińska
professionally active adults
Individual or group administration; no time limit; average time for self-descriptive version approx. 40 minutes; for observatory version approx. 20 minutes
Especially useful for:
Psychologists (MA degree in psychology required); educators, HR specialists, career counselors – after completing the training
B2 – for psychologists; other professionals only after general psychometric training and test training

The BIP questionnaire is designed to measure certain personality aspects important from the point of view of the effective professional functioning. Both self-descriptive and observational versions are available, but only the former has been normalized.

Description: The self-descriptive version consists of 220 items that the respondent answers by means of a 6-point scale, thus assessing the extent to which each item refers to him/her. The score may be calculated according to 14 basic scales divided into 4 dimensions: PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION (including Achievement motivation, Power motivation, and Leadership motivation); PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR (including Conscientiousness, Flexibility, and Towards action-orientation); SOCIAL COMPETENCE (including Social sensibility, Openness to relations, Sociability, Towards team-orientation, Assertiveness); PSYCHOLOGICAL NATURE (including Emotional stability, Work under pressure, and Self-confidence). The observational version consists of 42 items (3 for each scale) that the respondent answers using a 10-point scale.

Reliability: Internal compatibility coefficients for each scale have the value of around 0,8.

Validity: The structure of the Polish adaptation proved to be analogous to the original version.  Scores in BIP scales correlate with the corresponding scores in NEO-PI-R scales and subscales, as well as with the scores in LMI scales, referring to various aspects of achievement motivation. Validity was also confirmed by the scores in various professional groups. The comparison of scores achieved by persons performing managerial and non-managerial functions showed that BIP may be a valid instrument for examining managerial competences.

Norms: for professionally active adults aged 20-65.

Application: The BIP questionnaire may be used in selection and development processes, in coaching, professional counselling and in competence research among management.


  • BIP Package (manual, question book, keys, sheets)
  • Manual
  • Test Taker Guides (Observer-Rated)   
  • Item Booklet (Observer-Rated) (25 cop.)
  • Item Booklet (Self-Rated) (25 cop.)
  • Scoring Key (Acetates)
  • Summary Score Sheets (Self-Rated) (25 cop.)
  • Profile Sheets (Self-Rated)  (25 cop.)
  • Profile Sheets (Observer-Rated) (25 cop.)



Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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