Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – V

The most recent version of the Wechsler Scale (American edition appeared in 2014) is designed to measure general intelligence in children and adolescents aged between 6:0 and 16:11.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – V is the most recent version of the world's best known and most trusted tool for cognitive skills measuring. WISC-V was designed to provide a thourough and exhaustive picture of a child's abilities. It is significantly improved with the purpose of faster and easier diagnosis of problems and problem resolutions without impairing Wechsler's golden rule and highest standards.

WISC-V consists of 16 subtests including 5 principal, 8 additional and 3 complementary ones. The higher number of subtests enlarges WISC capability for interpretation and thus can give a more comprehensive picture of a child's cognitive skills.

Broad range of applications:

  • mental handicap assessment
  • learning disorders assessment
  • assessment of strong and weak points in cognitive processess
  • gifted children diagnosis
  • neuropsychological assessment


For more information on WISC-V see http://www.wiscv.com/.

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