Why is it worth it?

User-friendly interface and easy operation

Usage of the Epsilon platform does not require advanced computer skills. The service is intuitive and ergonomic - it takes only a couple of clicks to perform basic tasks.

The Epsilon has an original layout, which combines simple, proven functional solutions with a modern design.

Automatic scoring

The Epsilon platform automatically calculates scores and generates a detailed report, thus the examination can take even some hours less (especially in the case of complex tools). Automatic scoring eliminates risk of mistakes in calculations.


The architecture of the Epsilon platform is developed to ensure both user-friendliness and highest data safety. Implemented solutions were consulted with the GIODO (General Inspector of Data Protection) in order to meet the best standards for data security. The system is SSL-certified, what ensures the trustworthiness of internet sites. The users of a SSL-certified site are ensured that they are safely connected to the proper service.

An easy opportunity to create a test battery and to export the results to a calculation sheet

The Epsilon was developed as a tool to facilitate the job of a psychologist. The platform enables to e. g. create a test battery. Additionally, the test results could be exported to a calculation sheet and analyzed statistically, i. e. in order to establish local norms or for research.

Detailed instructions and simple solutions

The platform is provided with an extensive help panel for users. The internet service contains a link to the Help tab on each page, with detailed description of all elements on the site.

Better work organization

The Epsilon platform enables to plan many examinations to be performed anytime. The whole administrative part can be done at convenient time, independently from the examination. It enables better organization of one’s work. Everything needed is available at one place, anytime, anywhere with the access to a computer.

All results at one place

Storing data of examinees can be difficult, especially when the psychologist performs examinations using various equipment. Thanks to the Epsilon platform, all scores and personal data are stored at one place with round-the-clock, safe access from anywhere.

Reducing examination costs

Thanks to the opportunity to perform the whole examination using the Epsilon platform, there will be no need to purchase a kit when testing with a selected tool - question sheets, answer sheets, test booklets, scoring key. There also will be no need to calculate results single-handedly, what often took many hours in the case of examination of groups or with a test battery. The use of the Epsilon platform is time- and money-saving.

One account for organizations

The architecture of the system enables to create accounts for organizations, to the benefit of many users of different authorization level. The users in the framework of one organization can use one database of examinees and administer together the licenses bought by the organization for the examinations. Such a solution effectively brings order into the teamwork.

Extensive, constantly updated offer of available tests

The Epsilon platform contains now 13 psychological tests, traditionally offered by the Psychological Test Laboratory of the PPA. The publications were chosen because of their popularity and diversity, e.g. intelligence, personality, self-assessment, and temperament tests. The list of tests available on the Epsilon platform will be continuously widened to include the majority of tools offered by the Laboratory.

Proven publisher

The Epsilon platform is an original project of the Psychological Test Laboratory of the PPA, Poland’s greatest publisher of psychological tests. The tools made available by us are used by Polish psychologists for over twenty years. Moving with the times, we have prepared a solution which combines newest technologies with a years-long commitment to quality for which we are famous.

Easy to purchase and access

Separate tests and other products offered by the Laboratory can be purchased via online shop: www.practest.com.pl, or directly in the Symptomy bookstore. The purchasing and payment procedure is simple, like in the case of other products.

Constantly improved system

We do the best to constantly develop and improve our solutions. Very soon we plan to enrich the Epsilon platform with new functions like e. g. possibility to generate comparison reports, personalization of report layout for organizations, possibility of generating own norms.

We also plan to expand the use of the application for other operating systems.

Access to the newest version of the tool

The purchaser of the license for a specific test has a guarantee of access to the newest version of the tool. The tests on the Epsilon platform will be updated in the case of changes in norms, tool design, etc.

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