What we plan for the year 2022?


The year 2021 proved exceptionally busy for us as we published the WISC®-V or Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children Fifth Edition, the DTVP-3 or Development Test of Visual Perception Third Version, the KP or Positivity Questionnaire, the new version of the DSR or Children Development Scales as well as the ADI-R or Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised Version.

The new tests are very popular which proves that tools we create are useful and appreciated by specialists.

The year was also exceptional because of the number and variety of e-training courses. We implemented online versions of many training programs which so far have only been conducted on an in-person basis and we held a total of 115 training courses.

And do you want to know what we plan for the year 2022?

  • The Polish adaptation of the PSI-4 Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition (originally authored by Richard R. Abidin) has already been released.
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  • We are finishing the work on the Polish adaptation of Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents (SIPA) and System of Diagnosis of Children and Adolescents (SENA).
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  • Within the coming six months we plan to release another HR test: the Polish adaptation of the LJI-2 test designed to measure skills related to team-management and decision-making
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  • The manual to the CCTT or Children’s Color Trails Test is almost ready. The tool will be released this year.

  • The work is in progress on the Polish adaptation of the IDS-2-N, Intelligence and Development Scales for Children Blind or with Severely Impaired Vision. We are finishing the production of special tactile materials designed for persons who are blind or have severely impaired vision. We will start the standardization research this year.
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  • The computer test EXAT designed for the ADHD assessment is also in preparation. We already developed the conception of the tool as well as the version ready for standardization procedure. This latter will start soon.
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  • We began the standardization research for the ABAS-3 and Leiter-3 which involved another group of respondents: adult persons aged 21-70+. This project also includes the standardization of the Raven-2 which is a new version of the popular Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test.
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  • We finished the bilingual research of the MMPI-A-RF, Minnessota Multiphasic Personality Inventory for Adolescents Restructured Form and this year we plan to begin the standardization study

  • We want to conduct as many training courses as in the previous year. We count on being able to train all those interested in the WISC®-V.


What we plan for the year 2022?
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