TPE Expressive Fluency Test

Test authors:
Team of the Psychological Tests Laboratory
Manual co-authored by:
Anna Matczak and Aleksandra Jaworowska
Students 15–20 years, adults 20–79 years
Individual or group; limited time – 4 min. for each task
Especially useful for:
Psychologists, pedagogical counsellors and other specialists
B2 – for psychologists (MA in psychology required); for other specialists only after a general psychometrics training and the TPE special training

The TPE is a verbal fluency test. It is a first Polish standardized tool designed to measure creative skills by means of verbal material. It may be a perfect complementary tool for the TCT-DP test which measures creative skills using figural material.

The TPE includes two tasks. Both consist in creating sentences in which the successive elements (words) begin with a letter given in advance. The word used once cannot be used again. The test score is a number of correct sentences created for both tasks.

Reliability: Three reliability measures were estimated: internal consistency(the Cronbach alpha for the adult group exceeds .7; for the students group = .66), reliability measured with the method of alternative versions administered within a period of one month (non-significant correlation between the two versions for the students group and the .53 correlation for the adult group) and interrater agreement (correlation of .90).

Validity: Three factors argue for the validity of the TPE:

  • older persons score lower on the TPE and the TPE scores are positively correlated with education levels and consistent with data from previous research on verbal fluency
  • positive correlation between the TPE scores and those of intelligence tests such as TMT and APIS-Z; the correlation is consistent with research results on the factor structure of intellect which prove that fluency is a skill correlated with general intelligence (representing the first stratum in the CHC hierarchical model)
  • positive correlation between the TPE scores and those of the Urban and Jellen TCT-DP test which is consistent with the assumption that fluency is one of the component skills in creativity.

Norms: S-ten norms for students and adults from three age groups (20-49 years, 50-69 years and 70-79 years).

Applicability: Chiefly for screening and research purposes. The TPE may also be applied to measure language efficiency, to assess creativity and as an aim tool in executive functions assessment.

It is a perfect tool to use in recruitment for jobs requiring eloquence, that is, fluent and grammatically correct expression. Fluency assessment may also be useful in diagnosing persons with neurological disorders. 


  • Complete set (manual + 25 sheets)            
  • Manual 
  • Sheets (25 cop.)
Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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