Systemic Approach to Family. Theory and Research

Margasiński Andrzej

The book is a collection of works by different authors. In the introductory chapter selected models of family systems are presented with a special consideration given to the Circumplex Model of Family by David H. Olson. The succesive chapters discuss empirical research done within the framework of the systemic approach paradigm. They concern diverse issues including the relationship between family factors, socio-emotional adaptation, and certain psychological aspects of the functioning at workplace; conditions of parental attitudes in parents having ill or disabled children; changes in family systems caused by the birth of the first child; differences in family systems of religiously engaged and non-engaged men; and finally the functioning of families of adolescents who are addicted  to psychoactive substances, or of  alcohol-addicted persons. In most of the research discussed in the book the Family Assessment Scales were used which are based on Olson's Circumplex Model and are the Polish adaptation of Olson's FACES-IV questionnaire.

The book is addressed mainly to practitioners, especially family therapists as well as academic researchers and students.

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