Standards for persons using tests in business. Ethics – procedures – effectiveness.

Brzezińska Urszula, Malinowska Diana
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Standards for persons using tests in business. Ethics – procedures – effectiveness.
European standards for test users in business EFPA EuroTest – WO with experts' commentaries.

The book is designed for those who are interested in shaping policies of test using in organizations. It contains Polish translation of the standards for test users in business EuroTest-WO, prepared by the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA). In order to adapt the standards to Polish reality, some HR specialists, scholars, and managers (who use tests in organizations) were asked to commnent on them. The publication contains directions concerning test examinations as well as practical tips on how to implement the results of these examinations in HR management. To make the use of the book and finding information easier and more convenient the commentators explained the meaning of the standards from five different perspectives:

  • ethical and legal aspects
  • psychological theories
  • psychometrics
  • procedures and skills
  • organizational practice

In the book the reader will find a number of useful informations about how to use tests in the diagnosis designed for business purposes, while taking into account the interests of all parties participating in the process: employees, job or promotion candidates, managers looking for team members, test users, HR managers, freelancers, or coaches. The EuroTest standards allow to define precisely responsibilities of all parties, explain the rights and duties of persons conducting test examinations, and point out knowledge, competences and values that should characterize his/her work practice. Thanks to the information contained in the book test diagnosis in organizations, being a highly professional competence, is explained in an accessible way which allows to effectively manage the whole process. The questions our book answers include:

  • How long should examination data be stored?
  • What are the criteria of choosing an appropriate test?
  • Which individual features are the best predicators of professional effectiveness?
  • How to organize sessions of test examination in companies?
  • What should one take into account while choosing online examinations?

The book contains many accessible explanations, graphic presentations, and tables. It also contains case studies, vocabulary of terms, and bibliography. The book is easily to retrieve thanks to the system of graphic navigation that enables the reader to find the information he/she most needs at the moment.

From the review by Prof. Bogdan Zawadzki:

“ This publication is extremely important as it is conducive to regulating the use of tests in the Polish market. I hope it will enhance in a significant way the culture of testing and diagnosing in Poland. It has more chance to succeed in that, being a part of a larger research scheme the purpose of which is to give an opinion about and certify the use of tests in our country”.

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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