SPO – Civic Attitudes Scale


Another psychometric tool has appeared in our offer: Civic Attitudes Scale (SPO), by Dr. Piotr Brzozowski, associate professor at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

The Civic Attitudes Scale is a questionnaire tool. His positions are statements about different beliefs; the subject assesses the degree to which he agrees with them, on a seven-point scale from +3 to -3.

The SPO is designed to study civic attitudes understood as the attitudes of citizens towards the socio-political system in which they live. It takes into account three dimensions, which are: a sense of control and trust in the system, identification with one's own country and civic involvement in various social actions and activities.

The tool can be used primarily in scientific research conducted in the field of social sciences aimed at diagnosing civic attitudes together with their determinants and consequences. It can also serve more practical purposes in research providing diagnoses that will form the basis of educational interventions  – towards groups or individuals – undertaken to shape civic attitudes and values.


 SPO – Civic Attitudes Scale
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