Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents
Peter L. Sheras, Richard R. Abidin

Developmental tasks related to adolescence often increase stress experienced by family members. Characteristic features of the adolescence period include the development of cognitive functions, changes in personality structure as well as the attempts to integrate the higher degree of autonomy with intimacy in the relations with others. It is often observed that adolescents attempt to change the roles and authority distribution within a family. Parents of adolescents often have difficulties with adjustment to their children's increased autonomy and experience stress related to the preparation for their children's leaving home. The SIPA allows to take a closer look at phenomena parents deal with in their relationships with a growing up child (including autonomy, sexuality, values and achievements).

The SIPA consists of 112 items which belong to the three principal scales – Parent, Child and Relationship between Parent and Child, An additional scale, the Life Stress Factors scale allows to identify sources of stress outside the parent-child system (e.g. job loss, death of a family member, divorce).

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