The revised APIS-Z(R) test battery already available!


The new version of the well-known and popular intelligence assessment tool has just been published.

Compared to the first edition a number of modifications was introduced into the APIS-Z(R), following the results of pilot studies as well as comments by practitioners who has used the APIS-Z in selection, recruitment and counselling .

To mention a few examples: in the Behaviours test which is one among the tests measuring social skills some formulations were changed to catch up with changing social and language sensibilities (e.g. the expression „crippled persons” were changed into „persons with disabilities”); the Stories test made up of images depicting various social situations received a new form: the images are clearer and contain a smaller number of details which makes the perception task easier and enables to focus on the social skills tasks. In other tests as well their contents were made more compatible with the changing socio-cultural conditions and changes in everyday language.

A new study was also conducted to prove validity of the tool in the context of career counselling and selection processes. Updated norms were developed for the adult population and for the population of 3rd grade high school students (from both general and technical high schools). Thanks to these modifications the apllicability of the APIS-Z(R) now includes career counselling for adolescents esp. when choosing the right type of post-high school education is concerned. The battery can also be applied in recruitment processes, employees selection and career counselling for adults.    

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The revised APIS-Z(R) test battery already available!
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