Results of the IDS poll


Two years after the IDS Scales had gone for sale we decided to ask their users about their opinions concerning the test. These opinions were supposed to be used 1) to improve further the tool itself by adapting it to the users' needs, and 2) in the adaptation research of the new version of the IDS (IDS-2) designed for children and youngsters aged 5-20 years.

The poll was conducted via our website: the questionnaire was uploaded and could be filled out online. In addition, the paper version of the questionnaire was sent to all psychological counselling centers for children as well as to all those who had purchased IDS. More than 600 filled-out questionnaires were sent to us.

We wanted to find out as many information about users of our test as possible and, moreover, to gain knowledge about the practical aspects of IDS use. We asked questions about main purposes for which the test is used, which among the IDS tests are administered most often, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the tool. The poll showed that the IDS Scales had very quickly won popularity throughout Poland. The causes of this popularity can be inferred from answers concerning the uses and shortcomings of the test. The diversity of capabilities and competences assessed by the test make it suitable for many different purposes.

We received many valuable comments and tips which will be taken into account while preparing another tools measuring intelligence and development of children. Once again we would like to thank all those who took part in the poll.

You can download the file below to find the poll results. Broader presentation and analysis of the collected data will be included in the book now in preparation devoted to applications of the IDS Scales.

Download the pdf file with the results of the IDS poll.

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