Reflectivity Questionnaire already available!


The Reflectivity Questionnaire is designed to assess reflectivity as a trait of a person's cognitive style. It allows to measure two types of reflectivity: one understood as cognitive activity associated with strong task motivation and self-confidence (the Prudence scale) and the other understood as caution due to the anxiety of failure and the lack of self-confidence (the Insecurity scale). Currently it is the only tool of this kind available based on the original conception by Prof. Anna Matczak.

The KR can be applied in practice as an extra tool in the assessment of intellectual functioning. It may also prove useful when the causes of a person's failures in certain areas (such as education, work or social life) are investigated or when success in various activities is predicted. The KR scores can be used therefore in clinical, educational  and professional counseling. When communicated to the examinee they can enrich his/her self-knowledge of his/her own cognitive preferences and constitute a valuable starting point for self-developmental activities.


Reflectivity Questionnaire already available!
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