Psychological tests to enable assessment of people coming from Ukraine


As a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people who do not speak Polish come to Poland. Some of them may look for psychological help and support; to plan adequate and effective intervention psychologists may need diagnostic tools in Ukrainian and Russian or non-verbal tests.

 In intelligence research, and in particular when adjudicating on intellectual disability, a completely non-verbal test, which is Leiter-3, can already be used. The publisher of the original version of the test is Stoelting Co. There is a Polish version of the tool available on our website: Leiter-3, Leiter International Performance Scale Third Edition. Pracownia Testów Psychologicznych PTP is trying to obtain/gain Manual in the Ukrainian language version and with Ukrainian norms.

The Leiter-3 allows not only to assess the non-verbal intelligence of the child, but also to assess the memory and processing speed. The Observational Scale at Leiter-3, completed by a psychologist, makes it possible to assess motivation and interpersonal skills and emotional stability. The Leiter-3 can also be used in other types of examination of children requiring diagnosis and psychological help.

At the outbreak of the war, we took steps to be able to make Ukrainian-language and Russian-language test sheets available for the most needed tools, to enable assessment of Ukrainian-speaking or Russian-speaking people as soon as possible. 

Our partners fully understand the difficult situation of refugees from Ukraine and try to support us in this process. Thanks to the worldwide solidarity with Ukraine, cooperation between us and the publishers of the original versions of psychological tests was extended in order to prepare Ukrainian and Russian language versions. We are all trying to make it happened as soon as it possible.

Thus thanks to the courtesy of Pearson Publishing House, we will have at our disposal following questionnaire in Ukrainian and Russian which may be used to assess depressive symptoms:

as well as to the tools not yet available in the Polish version:

All the above questionnaires are translated in cooperation with Giunti Psychometrics.

We also received the consent of WPS, the publisher of the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System – Third Edition for the translation of ABAS-3 sheets. The parent versions (for the assessment of children aged 0–5 and 5–20), the teacher version (for the assessment of children aged 2–5) and the adult version (for those aged 16–20) are translated into Ukrainian and Russian. This tool (along with the Leiter-3 scale) can be useful to adjudicate intellectual disability; it is also useful for a comprehensive assessment of adaptive behavior; it allows to identify areas that require support, rehabilitation and other interventions.

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) also joined the mission of providing psychological tools to the Ukrainians in need; thanks to MHS consent Children’s Depression Inventory – Second Edition (CDI-2) and Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS) are already being translated.

In a case of CDI-2, the parent and self-report versions of sheets are translated into Ukrainian and Russian. The questionnaires contain scales designed to measure emotional problems and problems related to everyday functioning characteristic for depressive disorders.

In the case of the ASRS, Autism Spectrum Rating Scales, all versions to be filled in by parents, both for preschool and school-aged children, are translated into Ukrainian and Russian. The ASRS allows to evaluate a wide range of behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as communication skills problems, attention deficits, difficulties in relationships with peers and adults. It also takes into account the ASD diagnostic criteria as included in the DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5.

Ukrainian- and Russian-language versions of these sheets Pracownia will provide free of charge during this particular period (of course, only to specialists authorized to use them). Our foreign partners have also resigned from charging license fees for them. In addition, we plan to develop and make available, also free of charge, calculators for scoring the results.

We are trying to get access to a number of other tools in Ukrainian and Russian enabling assessment of Ukrainian children and adults. We will keep you informed on this.

Psychological tests to enable assessment of people coming from Ukraine
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