Parental Stress Inventory
Richard R. Abidin

PSI-4 is a tool designed to measure the intensity of parental stress understood as a set of processess leading to aversive psychological and physiological reactions, resulting from a given person's attempts to a adjust to parenthood demands. The inventory focuses on three principal stress sources:  related to the child's features, parent's features and situational/demographic factors.

The PSI-4 consists of 120 items, 101 of which is included in the two principal scales – the Parent scale and the Child scale. The remaining 19 items are included in the Life Stress Factors scale allowing to identify stress source outside the parent-child system (e.g. job loss, death of a family member, divorce).

The short version of the tool including 36 items is also available. The administration of the short version takes approx. 10 min. It allows for an initial evaluation of the main stress dimensions and suggesting further assessment.

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