Positivity Test is already available!


Positivity Test PT is a self-assessment method designed to measure positive attitude. It allows to measure how persons regard themselves, their futures, lives and to what extent they trust others.

The tool may be used for research purposes and as an additional tool in individual assessment. Areas of psychology where positivity research might be an interesting and complementary source of information include health psychology, sport psychology, psychological counselling, psychotherapy support, coaching  and development counselling, as well as employees’ selection for jobs requiring resistance to stress and tension (e.g. jurisdiction diagnosis requiring implementation of screen measures directed at good adaptation and adaptation skills). The tool may also prove useful as complementary in test batteries used in psychological examinations during family court proceedings or to assess candidates for child or elderly persons care. The PT questionnaire may also be applied by clinicians to assess mood changes or disorders such as depression. 


Positivity Test is already available!
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