Polish Psychological Society certificate for test users in the psychology of work and organization


Polish Psychological Society starts issuing certificates for persons using tests in work and organization environment. Obtaining certificate in Poland is a condition of getting the European EFPA EuroTest-WO certificate.

What are the advantages of the certificate?

This certificate confirms professional diagnostic competence in test using and defines its level according to the rules accepted by EFPA, the organization whose members are 36 European countries. Having the certificate one can register as a test user all around Europe. The certificate also confirms  competences compatible with European standards for EuroTest-WO users. This may prove to be a key factor in finding the employment in organizations which seek specialists in test-based assessment and pursue premeditated CSR policies in HR. It also allows for purchase of commercial tests used in work and organization without further training.

This certificate has three levels each indicating the appropriate level of competence:

LEVEL 1: gives you the right to administer a test and to use a limited number of tests in a limited way under the supervision of a person who holds the certificate of a higher level (2 or 3).

LEVEL 2: gives you the right to choose an appropriate kind of tool, administer a test on your own, and, if necessary, to interpret specific tests belonging to a certain category. Level 2 certificate can be obtained by persons who have basic knowledge of psychometrics.

LEVEL 3: is designed only for psychologists who are specialists using tests in business, designing and conducting training and implementing HR policies based on tests. Level 2 and 3 certificates can be obtained by persons holding at least a MA diploma. Level 3 is for MA psychologists only.

The first step to introduce the certificate in Poland is to select a group of persons who, having appropriate competences, can obtain level 3 certificate by way of nomination. A certain number of these persons will become members of the Commission for Certification of Test Users in  Work and Organization (NAC). The following questionnaire is supposed to help to decide whether a candidate is competent enough to be a certificate nominee.

Necessary competences:

1. Being a trained psychologist

2. Holding a job in one of the following fields:

  • training or consulting
  • HR department
  • university or any other higher education institution
  • independent diagnostician or expert

3. At least 5 years experience in test administration within a given professional domain as well as experience in preparing specific HR research reports based on the integrated scores of many different tests or on the methods of assessing human psychological functioning.

  • using tests in consulting (organization assessment, selection, AC/DC, others)
  • teaching courses in methodology, creation or adaptation of published tests


We invite you to engage in the EFPA EuroTest-WO project being developped in Poland!

Introducing the certification process is an important contribution to the care for professional standards. Having obtained the certificate young psychologists and other professionals will be able to find their jobs in any European country.

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