Our collaboration with ALTA has just started


The Psychological Tests Laboratory which created the electronic testing platform EPSILON, and ALTA, the creator and producer of the TEST2DRIVE, a computer supported diagnostic tool for psychological testing of drivers began their collaboration in the area of complex tools and diagnostic methods for transport and work psychologists.

The goal of our collaboration, apart from mutual advertising and sales increase, is to integrate complementary tools applied in psychological diagnosis of drivers and employees.

Psychologist using TEST2DRIVE and the Laboratory's tests (both in the paper versions and via EPSILON platform) will be provided access to the joint presentation of scores which will make for their reliable analysis and interpretation. This integrated access will also simplify the process of generating necessary documentation (psychological asssessment card) which contain the complete information about the assessment itself and the final diagnosis.
Integrated tools will increase ergonomy, comfort and security of assessments going on while securing their highest possible quality.
The software configuration aiming at the integration of the EPSILON platform with the TEST2DRIVE will began in a few weeks. We will keep our customers informed about the work progress.


Alta Ltd. is one of the first companies operating in Poland which offer computer supported methods and tools for psychologists and specialists in personal counselling. ALTA is a multidisciplinary team of experts whose work combines reliable psychological knowledge with contemporary achievements of cognitive sciences and cutting-edge technologies. The ALTA team has over many years realized research and development projects related to the adaptation, normalization and creation of new diagnostic tools. Their field of interest includes as well tools supporting rehabilitation of cognitive processes.
In its many activities ALTA puts an enormous emphasis on keeping the highest possible standards and on professional ethics. It also organizes training and education promoting standards of “evidence-based assessment”.


It is a modern, computer based system of psychological tests which efficiently supports the work of transport and work psychologist. It is a transparent and intuitively comprehensible tool both for the psychologist which carries on, or oversees, the test administration and for the test-taker.
The use of touch screen allows for the whole apparatus of tradtional paper-and-pencil testing to be replaced by the computer system. At the same time the high level of objectivity and standarization is secured and the test administration involving the complete battery of tests is carried out at the same desk. The test scores, both raw and T-scores, are available immediately after the test-taking in the form of easily readable reports and protocols. The built-in interview questionnaire supports that part of the assessment and the obligatory documentation generator makes for the shorter and simpler process of documentation development (test cards etc.).

TEST2DRIVE meets the criteria specified in the directive of the Polish Ministry of Health dated 8 July 2014 concerning psychological assessement of persons who want to obtain driving licence and of drivers.

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