Louis F. D’Elia, Paul Satz, Craig Lyons Uchiyama, Travis White
Polish adaptation, standardization and manual: :
Emilia Łojek, Joanna Stańczak (2012)
Individual administration, time limited: 4 min. for each test part
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

CTT is a neuropsychological test to examine several attention and executive functions especially perceptual tracking, sustained and divided attention, sequencing and self-monitoring. Graphomotor skills are also involved.

DESCRIPTION: The CTT is a new version of the Trail Making Test, where the letter stimuli are substituted with colors. It consists of two parts, CTT-1 and CTT-2, administered consecutively. Each part contains pink and yellow circles with numbers from 1 to 25. The subject connects circles numbered 1 through 25 in sequence using straight lines, but alternates between pink and yellow colors for the CTT-2. The examination part is interrupted after 240 seconds. CTT exists in four forms (A, B, C, D)which enable to conduct longitudinal research. The main indexes are the completion times registered separately for CTT-1 and CTT-2. Number sequence & color errors, near-misses, corrections and prompts are also examined. An Interference Index informs about the lengthening  of CTT- 2 time score in comparison to CTT-1. Approximate score computing time – 10 minutes.

RELIABILITY: In the Polish standardization the stability of CTT indexes and stability of clinical interpretations were examined and confirmed as high.

VALIDITY: Proved correlations with measures of cognitive functions, confirmed concurrent validity via intergroup comparisons (concerning people with brain damage of various location and etiology).

NORMS: For people aged 18-69 (all-Poland sample).

APPLICATIONS: Neuropsychological diagnosis

•    Kit (manual with Polish normalization, original manual in Polish translation, 25 Form A test sheets, 25 recording sheets)   
•    Original manual in Polish translation
•    Manual with Polish normalization
•    Form A test sheets (25 copies)
•    Recording sheets (25 copies)
•    Multiple forms for research and test-retest applications:
     - Form B test sheets (25 copies),
     - Form C test sheets (25 copies)
     - Form D test sheets (25 copies)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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