Anna Matczak, Aleksandra Jaworowska, Diana Fecenec, Joanna Stańczak, Joanna Bitner
Working adults aged 20–60
Individual and group administration, no time limit, approx. 15 min.
Especially useful for:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required), career counselors and HR specialists after training
Test users:
B2 – for psychologists; other professionals only after general psychometric training and test training

 CwP questionnaire measures locus of control at work.

DESCRIPTION: It consists of 60 items in form of declarative sentences, subject has to answer in four-grade scale. The items constitute two main scales: Control Scale and Locus of Control Scale. The latter consists in addition of seven subscales: three empirical - Sense of Ineffectiveness, Sense of Dependence on  Fate, Sense of Dependence on Others, and four theoretical – Personal Control, Control Ideology, Locus of Success & Locus of Failure.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency for the total score (Locus of Control scale), somewhat lower (usually not more than .80) reliability of scores in scales. High absolute stability for the total score (in the Locus of Control scale).

VALIDITY: Total score (Locus of Control scale) correlates positively with others measures of the sense of the locus of control, and with such variables as life satisfaction or emotional intelligence. The LOC score differentiates job groups where different levels of independence are needed (e.g. management vs. employees).

NORMS: Standard ten norms on the basis of a 525-strong sample, considering three age groups (men & women together): 20-29, 30-49, and 50-60 for the Locus of Control; 20-29, 30-49, and 40-60 for the Control Scale.

APPLICATIONS: May be used in job selection and allocation of the already employed. Also in scientific research, particularly concerning work-related factors influencing the effectiveness and functioning of employees.

•    Kit (manual, 25 test sheets, scoring key)
•    Manual
•    Test sheets (25 copies)
•    Scoring key


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