Marshal F. Folstein, Susan E. Folstein, Gary Fanjiang
Polish normalization and manual: :
Joanna Stańczak (2010)
Adolescents, adults
Individual administration, no time limit
Especially useful for:
Psychologists, doctors, medical staff (MA degree in psychology, medical or nursing required)
A – for psychologists; other professionals only after general psychometric training

A clinical scale to examine cognitive impairments. Test measures memory and visual perception.

DESCRIPTION: MMSE is a 30-point questionnaire test used to quantitatively assess several aspects of cognitive functioning. Assessed areas comprise: Orientation to time, Orientation to place, Registration, Attention and calculation, Recall, Naming, Repetition, Comprehension, Reading, Writing, and Drawing. Polish manual contains description and results of the normalization and validation study, data collected during the Polish adaptation of the MMSE. Clinical research was conducted on people with diagnosed dementia, mild cognitive impairments, Parkinson disease, depression, organic mood disorders, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and diabetes.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency proved in the whole clinical sample (differentiated indices for individual groups of persons with disorders), very high stability of scores determined in the examination repeated three to seven days later. Lower coefficients in the healthy sample.

VALIDITY: Intergroup comparisons confirmed concurrent validity: results differentiate between clinical and healthy samples; the lowest results obtained by persons with dementia, whatever the etiology. Positive correlations with other measures of cognitive functions confirm the construct validity.

NORMS: On a basis of results from the healthy sample.

APPLICATIONS: Screening for cognitive dysfunctions (especially dementia), illness monitoring.

•    Kit (manual with Polish normalization, clinical guide in Polish translation, user’s guide in Polish translation, card with pentagons, 25 recording sheets)
•    Clinical guide in Polish translation
•    User’s guide in Polish translation
•    Manual with Polish normalization
•    Card with pentagons
•    Recording sheets (25 copies)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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