E. J. O'Brien and S. Epstein (1988)
Manual with Polish standardization:
Diana Fecenec (2008)
Adolescents, adults.
Group or individual administration, no time limit, approx. 15-30 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

A questionnaire for the assessment of global self-esteem and its eight components.  

DESCRIPTION: This questionnaire measures self-esteem. It consists of 11 scales – nine of them concern directly the self-esteem, its global level and eight components regarding detailed aspects of human’s functioning such as: Competence, Lovability, Likability, Personal Power, Self-Control, Moral Self-Approval, Body Appearance, and Body Functioning. It also contains Identity Integration scale which measures global self-concept’s cohesion, and Defensive Self-Enhancement scale which is used to determine the level of need for social approval. The questionnaire contains 116 test items to be graded on a five-point scale.

RELIABILITY: Satisfactory internal consistency of most of the scales (Cronbach’s alpha between .70 and .90), high stability (relationships between two measurements taken in the two weeks interval in the range of .73 to .96).

VALIDITY: Broadly documented construct validity: correlations with tools measuring mood (UMACL), temperament (FCZ-KT), anxiety (STAI), adjustment (RISB), stress-coping strategies (CISS), need for social approval (KAS), intelligence (WAIS-R), and parental attitudes (KPR-Roc) yielded expected results. Factor analysis revealed the existence of two factors, documented in bibliography. Criterion validity was also confirmed (comparison between self-esteem of unemployed women and women from the overall population).

NORMS: Separately for women and men in three age groups: 16 – 19, 20 – 64, and 65 – 79, based on the quota sample (N = 498) of  the overall population.

APPLICATIONS: Well-documented construct validity makes it a useful research tool. The questionnaire can be also applied in individual diagnosis considering not only an assessment of the score in comparison to other people, but also an analysis of the internal differences of the self-esteem (the manual contains examples of such a profile analysis).   

•    Kit (manual with Polish standardization, original manual in Polish translation, 25 test booklets, 25 answer sheets with scoring key, 25 recording sheets)
•    Manual with Polish standardization
•    Original manual in Polish translation
•    Test booklets (25 copies)
•    Answer sheets with scoring key (25 copies)
•    Recording sheets (25 copies)


Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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