The F Scale – Fonological Skills Scale *

Study and manual:
Elżbieta Koźniewska, Andrzej Matuszewski (2003)
For primary school students, grades I–IV
Individual administration, time depends on child's skill and pace of work
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

The test is a result of adaptation and psychometric development of the "Attempts at Auditory Words Perception” by Aleksandra Zakrzewska. It is designed to measure fonological and metafonological skills.

DESCRIPTION:  The test includes three types of tasks which require: auditory words synthesizing (10 tasks), auditory words analysis (10 tasks) and auditory words differentiation (48 tasks). Scores are analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

RELIABILITY: high coefficients of absolute stability and internal consistency

VALIDITY: Correlations with scores of the "Reading and Writing Tests for grades I-III” and with school grades confirm the prognostic and diagnostic validity of the test.

NORMS: s-ten norms for six age ranges: from 6,10 to 10,9 developped on the national sample of primary school 400 students of grades I-IV (200 males and 200 females).

APPLICABILITY:  to evaluate school maturity and to diagnose difficulties in reading and writing.

*The test has been published by Centrum Metodyczne Pomocy Psychologiczno-Pedagogicznej (Methodic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance).

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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