P. T. Costa Jr, R. R. McCrae
Polish adaptation and manual:
Jerzy Siuta (2006)
Adolescents, adults
Individual or group administration, no time limit (approx. 35-45 min.).
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

A questionnaire to measure five-factor personality traits, also differentiating between separate components of the “Big Five”, contrary to the NEO-FFI, the inventory known in Poland.

DESCRIPTION: The questionnaire contains 240 assertions which are to be graded by the subject on a five-grade scale (from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”). They correspond to five personality factors (scales), and within each of them to six components (subscales); i. e.: Neuroticism (Anxiety, Hostility, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Impulsiveness, and  Vulnerability to Stress), Extraversion (Warmth, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity, Excitement Seeking, and Positive Emotion), Openness to Experience (Fantasy, Aesthetics, Feelings, Actions, Ideas, and Values), Agreeableness (Trust, Straightforwardness, Altruism, Compliance, Modesty, and Tendermindedness), Conscientiousness (Competence, Order, Dutifulness, Achievement Striving, Self-Discipline, and Deliberation). The results of either separate scales and subscales or their configurations can be interpreted (e. g. results of pairs of factors).

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency indices for each of five scales (.81 - .86), lower (mostly .60 -.70) for separate subscales.

VALIDITY: Factorial validity was examined and it is confirmed that despite some deviations from expected outcomes, the obtained factorial structure of the subscales corresponds to the theoretical framework constructed by the authors of the tool.

NORMS: Standard ten, for two age groups: 17-29 and 30-79, separately for women and men, obtained from the 603-strong sample of subjects differing in age, gender, education level, and address of residence.

APPLICATIONS: Recommended for research as well as individual diagnosis for practical purposes, especially in clinical psychology, health psychology and behavioral medicine, also in education and career counseling or selection.

•    Kit (manual, original manual, 25 question sheets with instruction, 25 answer sheets with key, “Personality Profile” sheets – 25 copies for each normalization group, 25 “Your results in the NEO-PI-R Inventory” sheets  
•    Original manual (translation)
•    Question sheets with instruction (25 copies)
•    Answer sheets with template (25 copies)
•    “Personality profile” sheets for women aged 17-29 (25 copies)
•    “Personality profile” sheets for women 30-79 (25 copies)
•    “Personality profile” sheets for men 17-29 (25 copies)
•    “Personality profile” sheets for men  30-79 (25 copies)
•    “Your results in the NEO-PI-R Inventory” sheets (25 copies)


Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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