Marcin Wojtowicz (2006)
Pupils at the end of elementary and beginning of secondary education, adults
Group administration, no time limit, approx. 50 min.
Especially useful for:
Psychologists, pedagogues, language teachers (MA degree in psychology, pedagogy or language studies required)
A – for psychologists and other professionals (MA required)

Test measures language ability as ability to learn foreign languages.

DESCRIPTION: TZJ consists of 43 items grouped in fourteen kinds of tasks. The tasks are divided in three separate scales: Discourse (ability to process the text as a whole, Vocabulary (thesaurus of words and semantic forms as well as using them in the text), and Grammar (ability to recognize relations in words and sentences. Each scale contains test items relating to language abilities such as speaking and writing (productive) as well as hearing and reading (receptive). Some tasks are open, some closed. Test material is mostly Polish, but elements of English, Hindu, Spanish, Latin and of a fictional language are also used. Test manual includes detailed evaluation rules with examples.

RELIABILITY: Very high internal consistency of the overall score, lower – of the scores of separate scales; very high consistency coefficients of assessment by competent judges for open tasks.

VALIDITY: Confirmed on the basis of the correlations with the Wałbrzych Language Predisposition Test (Wałbrzyski Test Predyspozycji Językowych), foreign language grades, declared foreign language knowledge.  

NORMS: For pupils at the end of primary and beginning of secondary education, adults.

APPLICATION: Pupil selection to specialized language classes, pedagogical counseling, prognosis of chances of quick acquisition of foreign language.

•    Kit (manual, 25 test sheets)
•    Manual
•    Test sheets (25 copies)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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