Aleksandra Jaworowska, Anna Matczak, Anna Ciechanowicz, Joanna Stańczak, Ewa Zalewska
Aleksandra Jaworowska, Anna Matczak (2005)
Adolescents, adults.
Group or individual administration, no time limit, approx. 20 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (psychology diploma required).

Popular Questionnaire of Emotional Intelligence was developed on the basis of the emotional intelligence concept created by Salovey and Mayer, defined as a set of various cognitive abilities enabling to use emotions in order to solve problems, not only emotional ones. It is the paper-and-pencil version of the self-examination inventory published as PC version.

DESCRIPTION: PKIE consists of 94 items of self-descriptive nature. The subject rates each time the applicability of the statements to herself/himself on a five-point scale. The questionnaire can be scored according to four factor scales and globally. The scales within PKIE are: AKC – acceptance, expressing and using own emotions in action, EMP – empathy, i. e. understanding and recognizing others’ emotions, KON – control, also cognitive, over ones’ emotions, and ROZ – understanding and awareness of own emotions.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency of the global score, lower coefficients for separate scales.

VALIDITY: Construct validity confirmed by factor analyses and correlations with INTE inventory.

NORMS: For students aged 14-20 and adults of 18-71 (incidental samples).

APPLICATIONS: Research, individual assessment, choosing future learning path or job, determining weak and strong points of the subject, creating individually tailored action plans.

•    Kit (manual, 25 sheets, scoring key)
•    Manual
•    Questionnaires (25 copies)
•    Scoring key


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