Aleksandra Jaworowska, Anna Matczak, Anna Ciechanowicz, Joanna Stańczak, Ewa Zalewska
Aleksandra Jaworowska, Anna Matczak (2005)
Children from 14 years of age, adolescents, adults
Group or individual administration, no time limit, approx. 20 min.
Especially useful for:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required); educators, HR specialists, career counselors – after completing the training;
B2 – for psychologists; other professionals only after general psychometric training and test training

Popular Questionnaire of Emotional Intelligence was developed on the basis of the emotional intelligence concept created by Salovey and Mayer, defined as a set of various cognitive abilities enabling to use emotions in order to solve problems, not only emotional ones. It is the paper-and-pencil version of the self-examination inventory published as PC version.

DESCRIPTION: PKIE consists of 94 items of self-descriptive nature. The subject rates each time the applicability of the statements to herself/himself on a five-point scale. The questionnaire can be scored according to four factor scales and globally. The scales within PKIE are: AKC – acceptance, expressing and using own emotions in action, EMP – empathy, i. e. understanding and recognizing others’ emotions, KON – control, also cognitive, over ones’ emotions, and ROZ – understanding and awareness of own emotions.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency of the global score, lower coefficients for separate scales.

VALIDITY: Construct validity confirmed by factor analyses and correlations with INTE inventory.

NORMS: For students aged 14-20 and adults of 18-71 (incidental samples).

APPLICATIONS: Research, individual assessment, choosing future learning path or job, determining weak and strong points of the subject, creating individually tailored action plans.

•    Kit (manual, 25 sheets, scoring key)
•    Manual
•    Questionnaires (25 copies)
•    Scoring key



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