C. D. Spielberger, C. D. Edwards, R. E. Lushene, J. Montuori, D. Platzek
Polish adaptation:
C. D. Spielberger, T. Sosnowski, D. Iwaniszczuk

The STAIC measures anxiety understood as a transient and situationally determined state of the individual or as a  relatively stable personality trait.

DESCRIPTION: The STAIC consists of two subscales, one (C-1) measuring state anxiety, the other (C-2) trait anxiety. The subscale items are printed double-sided on the same test sheet. Each subscale consists of 20 items that can be answered by the subject by selecting one of four categorized answers.

RELIABILITY: Both subscales display high internal consistency. Stability is lower, especially for C-1 subscale.

VALIDITY: Construct validity of both scales confirmed in many studies: the STAI scores correlate significantly positively with school anxiety and negatively with learning motivation and school achievement.

NORMS: For pupils aged 10-14.

APPLICATIONS: Screening assessment – in order to locate children with difficulties in functioning at school, and individual assessment – defining the causes of school failures; the C-1 scale can be useful in experimental research demanding registration of changes in fear level, the C-2 scale in detecting neurotic children.

•    Kit (manual, key, 25 questionnaires)
•    Manual
•    Questionnaires (25 copies)
•    Scoring key


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