Stanisław Popek (2000)
Adolescents from 12;6 years of age, adults.
Individual or group administration; no time limit.

The Creative Behaviour Questionnaire assesses creative aptitude understood as qualities of the human personality (creative attitude). The outcomes are assessed within four different scales: Conformity (K), Noncomformity (N), Algorithmic behavior (A) and Heuristic behavior (H). Other indicators can also be calculated, i.e., creative attitude, reproductive attitude, cognition and character.

DESCRIPTION: The questionnaire comes in two versions: KANH-1 for school-aged adolescents and students and KANH-2 for teachers (psychometric parameters have only been tested for KANH-1). Each version consists of 60 items in the form of sentences (in the indicative mood) addressing the respondent’s behaviour in situations involving studying and action. The respondent rates the appropriateness of each statement on a three-point scale: true, partly true and false.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency for conformity, nonconformity, algorithmic behaviour and heuristic behaviour, high stability (test-retest reliability) for scales K, A, N and H.

VALIDITY: Established concurrent validity for KANH-1 (correlations with another measure of creative attitudes).

NORMS: Standard ten norms developed separately for each scale for Lublin secondary school pupils.

APPLICATIONS: In counselling to assess creative aptitude.

•    Manual (contains the questionnaire and scoring key)

* This test is published by Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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