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Pracownia Testów Psychologicznych has 20 employees and several dozen co-operators, i.e., psychologists employed in a number of different establishments all over Poland.

Aleksandra Jaworowska – President of the Board


Research and Development Department

   Prof. Anna Matczak – Head of the Research and Development Department

From the beginning of her scientific career connected with the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, where she obtained her consecutive degrees. Since 1994 additionally cooperating with the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw. In Pracownia since 1996; member of the board. She deals with psychology of individual differences, intelligence, emotional intelligence, interpersonal competencies and intellect diagnosis.



Iwona Bac

MA, Faculty of Psychology, specialization Neuropsychology; Warsaw University and postgraduate studies in speech therapy at the Faculty of Polish Philology, UW. In the Psychological Test Laboratory since 2013. Previously, she worked in international consulting companies, recruitment and talent management departments, using various psychological tools for competency assessment and development projects. Her interests are neuropsychology and cognitive psychology. She is also responsible for managerial tests for use in personnel consulting and evaluation of leaders.


   Urszula Brzezińska

Graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Psychologist, senior specialist of tests. EuroTest-WO project coordinator responsible for implementing standards of using psychological tests in business. In Pracownia since 2009. Responsible for developing tools from the field of work psychology and organizational psychology; in charge of diagnosing management competencies for organizations.


   Diana Fecenec

Graduated in psychology from University of Warsaw. In Pracownia since 1994; 2006 appointed as a board member. For some years gave classes at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her job interests - psychometrics and developmental psychology are reflected outlet in constructing and adapting tests, i. a. for children. Also interested in self-appraisal and personality.


   Aleksandra Jaworowska, PhD

Got her PhD at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, where she conducted research and taught for years. Employed in Pracownia from its beginnings, president of the board since 2006. Specialized in psychometrics and psychological diagnosis.



Joanna Niedziela

Received her MA in psychology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. She did her postgraduate studies in clinical sexology at the SWPS University. Her field of interest is the psychology of individual differences, psychology of stress and  intellectual diagnosis. Apart from creating and adapting tests, she is also responsible for developing digital versions of tests. In the Laboratory team since 2017.



Maria Rafalak-Matysiak, PhD

Maria Rafalak holds a PhD in computer science and a Master’s degree in psychology. Her interdisciplinary background in both social and computational sciences helps her introduce modern psychometric methods into test construction. Maria’s main professional interests are practical applications of Item Response Theory and tests dedicated for HR purposes. She is an author of test manuals, performs statistical analyses and conducts psychometric trainings. In Pracownia since 2011.



   Joanna Stańczak  

Educated at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. Till 2009 employed at the Laboratory of Diagnostic Techniques of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, where she also taught and conducted research. She gave classes at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities as well. Since 1990 cooperating with our Pracownia, member of the board since 2006. Her interests include especially neuropsychology and psychometrics. Also responsible for developing computerized versions of psychological tests.


Wujcik Radosław  

Radosław Wujcik, PhD 

Received his MA in the Department of Psychology at the University of Łódź. He held teaching posts  in the Pedagogical Department at the University of Łódź and at the SWPS University. He worked as a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. His main fields of interest are cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, methodology of psychological research and statistics. He advocates the use of advanced statistical devices in practical psychometrics.



Emilia Wrocławska-Warchala, PhD

Graduated in psychology and in Polish philology from University of Warsaw, got her Ph.D. at the Institute of Psychology, Catholic University of Lublin. As an academic teacher and researcher cooperates with Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University of Warsaw. She is an advocate of combining qualitative and quantitative methods both in scientific research and in psychological practice. In Pracownia since 2013; her research interests focus on personality psychology and clinical psychology; she is also interested in measuring verbal abilities and communicational competences.


  Agata Ziółek (d. Maj)
Ukończyła Psychologię w specjalizacji Psychologii Klinicznej i Psychologii Osobowości na Uniwersytecie Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, a część studiów odbyła na Uniwersytecie w Leuven w Belgii. W psychologii najbardziej interesuje ją rozwój zaburzeń osobowości u dzieci i młodzieży, kształtowanie się relacji i więzi. Prowadzi także zajęcia dla dzieci czerpiąc z pedagogiki Marii Montessori.



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