Modular Intelligence Test
Team of the Psychological Test Laboratory of the PPA

The MTI is a tool originally developed by the Psychological Tests Laboratoty and designed to be used in recruitment and selection as well as in development processes in organizations. One of its main advantages is a modular characteristic, which allows to freely configure sets measuring specific skills relevant for a given position. The test includes four modules which serve to measure specific skills and all of which have their parallel versions.

The test architecture is based on the MST (or multistage testing) structure with its defined paths between groups of tasks with precise difficulty levels.

The Modular Intelligence Test was designed  using the IRT (or item response test) methodology – that is why the standardization research scheme (three pilot studies, standardization/calibration and validation studies) involved specific features of the IRT analysis.

The standardization study was based on the representative sample of the professionally active Polish population (aged 20-60, high school or university educated – and appropriately structured). In the study the electronic version of the test was used and psychologists were always present during examinations.

The validation study involved the analysis of correlations between the MTI and the APIS-Z(R) scores as well as associations of the scores with socio-demographic variables.

Due to the test architecture and score calculation method the tool will be available only in the electronic version.

Other advantages of the test are diversity of task sets, their atractive graphic form and a short examination time.

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