Meeting of the Board of Assessement


Another meeting of the EFPA Board of Assessement took place in mid-January in Berlin. Poland was represented by Urszula Brzezinska who participated in the meeting on behalf of the Polish Psychological Association. Ms. Brzezińska co-ordinates implementation of the Euro Test-WO certificate in Poland.

BoA is a division of EFPA or European Federation of Psychological Associations and its main purpose is to introduce in the European context best practices in psychological assessment and test using. It also formulates procedures applicable in the practice of test review (Test Review) and in the implementation of standards for test users which define their effective application (EuroTest).

Among the topics of the January meeting were best practices in granting certificates for test users operating in the work and organization environment. Urszula Brzezinska presented activities of the Polish Certificate Commission NAC_PL whose work has greatly intensified recently. It can be treated as a positive example for other European countries where the Euro Test project has not yet been operational (e.g. Belgium).

The mmeeting participants exchanged their experciences concerning implementation of the test review model – it is the topic which still rises some controversies. In Poland the implementation task was undertaken by the Psychological Tests Commission affiliated to the Polish Academy of Sciences.

For a few coming months the carrying out of two surveys in the EFPA member countries (the number of which is now 37) was planned. The Federation will gather data on test reviewing in particular countries and on practices of test using (by psychologists and non-psychologists) in various areas of professional performance (education, HR, health and welfare).

Participation in this kind of meetings enables us to follow most recent trends in the research which applies psychological tests, develop the culture of test using in Poland as well as to share our achievements at the pan-European level. 

Meeting of the Board of Assessement
Meeting of the Board of Assessement
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