Lithuanian version of DSR


Children Development Scale DSR created by the Laboratory now has its Lithuanian version – Vaiko Raidos Skales VRS. It was published by the National Center for Special Education and Psychology (Specialiosios pedagogikos ir psichologijos centras) based in Vilnius. This is an institution overseen  directly by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Sciences and working on the development of the system of special educational and psychological support in Lithuania.

The normalization research in Lithuania was carried out from December 2013 through April 2014 with a sample of 500 children aged 2 months-3 years. Before the Lithuanian version of DSR was released the Center asked Diana Fecenec, one of the members of the Laboratory staff to give a lecture at the University of Vilnius on children assessment and the DSR potential.

We hope that Children Development Scale DSR will at least be as popular in Lithuania as it has been in Poland so far among psychologists working with children.

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