Leadership Styles Inventory WERK soon available for purchase!


The new test published by the Laboratory will be available for purchase this autumn - Leadership Styles Inventory WERK. It is designed especially for use in business and, particularly, by the HR specialists.

The four leadership styles model WERK was developed as a response to organizations's increasing needs to:

  • identify leadership styles
  • develop leadership competences in managers to support organization development
  • support assessment of leadership competences in those striving to be leaders

Leadership Styles Inventory WERK allows to draw conclusions on the ways people behave in organisations, by defining to what extent their behaviours are consistent with the four specific leadership styles: CAPTAIN, STEWARD, REVOLUTIONARY and CHEEERLEADER.

Using the WERK inventory we can define the intensity of certain leadership behaviours (as manifested in the way a person acts) by referring his/her score to norms, developping an individual profile or drawing indirect conclusions regarding the typical ways of coping with challenges within the organization. These conclusions are based on the elaborated characteristics of each leadership style.

The four styles – CAPTAIN, STEWARD, REVOLUTIONARY and CHEEERLEADER – define  four different ways in which managers act, that is, ways they organize their own, and their teams', work, lead teams and control results of their work:

  • CHEEERLEADER: broad contacts + being close to the group
  • STEWARD: perfectionist + judge
  • REVOLUTIONARY: man of action + disseminator of ideas
  • CAPTAIN: practical organizer + natural leader

WERK is not a typical leadership inventory due to its structure: it consists of several four-items sets of adjectives, and the respondent's task is to order them according to decreasing relevance. The advantages of this structure are the following.

1.Respondent's responses are more informative as he/she is each time confronted with four diagnostic stimuli – this makes for the more ergonomic assessment (less time needed for administration).

2.The necessity for the respondent to face a broad spectrum of features, without a chance to avoid stimuli which threaten a given person's self-image, decreases the possibility to manage that image.

Leadership Styles Inventory WERK is a tool designed for use in business and, particularly, by the HR specialists. It can be useful in selection and recruitment procedures as well as in development processess within the organization.

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