Language and Communication Test Battery – Children
Emilia Łojek, Karen L. Bryan

The LCTB-C is a version of the RHLB-PL designed for the examination of children. Like the method used to examine adults the LCTB-C includes 11 tests: Reasoning, Lexical-Semantic, Humour, Commentaries, Picture Metaphors, Written Metaphors, Explanations of Picture Metaphors, Explanations of Written Metaphors, Emotional Prosody, Language Prosody and Discourse Analysis. The test material is diverse and includes mainly verbal descriptions of various situations (in the Reasoning, Humour and Written Metaphors tests), pictures (in the Lexical-Semantic and Picture Metaphors tests) and recorded nonsense statements (in the prosody tests).

The standardization study will involve children aged 6-16.  

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