LBQ, Link Burn Questionnaire will soon be available


LBQ is a Polish adaptation of the Italian questionnaire created by Massimo Sentinello. It measures professional burnout in persons whose job consists in teaching or helping other people. The features measured by the questionnaire include:

  • Psychophysical exhaustion which manifests itself as a lack of energy, tiredness, apathy and tension in workplace
  • Deterioration of relationships with clients understood as an attitude of indifference and distance towards clients/customers, overlooking their needs, instrumental treatment, and, in radical forms, also cynical and hostile behaviour.
  • Job ineffectiveness the symptoms of which are seeing the results of one's work with clients/customers as unsatisfying and the feeling of ineffectiveness and incapability of pursuing important goals during one's professional career.
  • Disappointment referring, on the one hand, to a disappointed hope of realizing, during a professional career, important values and ideals, and, on the other, to the loss of primary passion and enthusiasm.

The questionnaire consists of 24 items to which the respondent answers using a 6-point scale that refers to frequencies of the states mentioned above. The scores are determined by means of 4 scales (Psycho-physical exhaustion, Deterioration of the relations with clients, Job ineffectiveness and Disappointment)

Polish normalization research used samples (N=995) of five professional groups: teachers, therapists, nurses, physicians, police officers, and prison guards.

Validation research allowed to determine the relations between the aforementioned aspects of professional burnout and variables such as the feeling of control, job satisfaction, stress, ways of coping with stressful situations, knowledge style and achievement motivation. LBQ may be used for research purposes, for diagnosing groups, professional teams and organisations, for changes and interventions planning, as well as for evaluating organisations and their atmospheres.

The test belongs to B2 category, i.e. it is designed for psychologists; other professionals may used only if they completed their general or HR tests training.

LBQ, or The Link Burnout Questionnaire will be available for purchase in the fall of 2014.


LBQ, Link Burn Questionnaire will soon be available
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