KKMiP – Communication in close relationships*

Authors: :
Maria Kaźmierczak, Mieczysław Plopa
Age: :
Administration: :
Individual or group administration, no time limit, approx. 40 min.
Test users: :
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

The tool is an elaborated version of the Marriage Communication Questionnaire KKM

Communication between partners within the close relationship is one of the main factors contributing to the development of love and bond, that is, to the quality and success of the relationship. Appropriate communication should be open and full, based on clear messages, thoughts which are articulated in explicit and unambigous way as well as on opennes, that is, giving direct information. Openness includes manifestations of one's own feelings and experiences, communication of needs and expectations, sharing of experiences, attitudes and convictions.

Partners let their partners articulate freely and respect each other's right to have different opinions. Direct communication makes satisfaction of one's needs and fulfillment of expectations easier. It also allows to avoid ambiguities and enables to transmit and receive feedback that fosters the attitudes of straightforwardness and authenticity. Thanks to this kind of communication the sense of identity grows and the ability to receive and transmit experiences develops. Moreover, this kind of communication enables to discharge tension and negative emotions thereby preventing their accumulation.

The present monograph may – according to its authors – make easier for persons dealing with close relationships (both as diagnosticians or therapists and researchers) the correct interpretation of  the level and quality of communication between partners in such relationships. The tool presented in the book allows to look at a relationship from a perspective (as the examinee evaluates both himself/herself and his/her partner). The contents of the book which include several validity studies may allow deeper understanding of the relation between partners which in turn enables to define the character of a possible therapeutic intervention.

*The test has been published by VIZJA PRESS & IT.      

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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