IDS as a valid intelligence measure


An information reached us that during training sessions for employees of counselling institutions the Intelligence and Development Scales (IDS) for children aged 5-10 published by us are said not to measure intelligence and their use in assessing mental disabilities is presented as unethical.

Such claims can only be made by ignorants who do not have any idea about the IDS scales or by those who with all their arrogance want to undermine psychologists' trust in this tool.

The validity of the IDS scales was empirically proved and the precise data concerning both their validity (strong correlations of the IDS scales with the parallel WISC-V scales) and procedures used to ascertain it are included in the IDS manual. Empirically developped scores distribution proves as well that IDS allows to differentiate persons with mental disabilities from those in the normal group; the normalization sample included approx. 3 % of respondents with the IQ below 70. To all those concerned with the issue of the IDS validity we can only recommend a careful reading of the aforementioned manual.

Thank you for sharing with us your doubts about informations spread by others. This is the most important proof of mutual trust. 

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