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Intelligence and Development Scales for Children Aged 5-10 were published by the Laboratory in 2013. For the three subsequent years popularity of the tool has grown and now we can say that it is commonly used by the psychologists who diagnose chilldren of early pre-school age.  What undoubtly helped to popularize IDS was numerous training sessions organized throughout Poland by the Authors of the Polish adaptation in which participated approx. 1000 psychologists.

The book we present is the result of this intensive period. It gathers experiences of the work with IDS which have been not only our experiences as test editor but also those of academics using IDS in their research work and, most of all, those of practitioners applying IDS.

As the results (presented in the book) of the survey conducted among IDS users show the tool has so far been used mainly to assess maturity of children starting their learning at school. For that reason so much of the book is devoted to the problems of school readiness. The reader will find here more precise elaboration of the model research of school readiness that was earlier published on our website, its empirical verification as well as the comparison of 5-year-old children's scores examined with both Intelligence and Development Scales – IDS and IDS-P.

For those who use IDS in their everyday practice the most interesting will be chapters presenting new possibilities of scores interpretation made possible by the normalization of scores in spheres and the introduction of multiplier into intelligence quotients calculation whenever not all IDS tests were conducted. These are entirely new guidelines that could not be included in the test manual. The publication also deals with the problem of the modular use of IDS which without a doubt is a major advantage of the tool.

IDS in Psychological Practice will be available for purchase in a few weeks.

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