How to buy?

  1. Before starting the purchase procedure, please make yourself acquainted with the system requirements available on page as well as with the Rules for Epsilon Platform Users.
  2. To start using the Epsilon Platform, it is necessary to sign the Contract of Personal Data Processing. This document signed by authorized persons should be delivered to the Test Laboratory in two copies personally or by mail.
  3. Access to the Epsilon Platform is obtained, once a purchase of any number of research licenses has been completed or the wallet has been recharged with a chosen amount of money. The purchase can be made by means of our Internet store or personally in the Symptomy bookstore (located in Belwederska 6A in Warsaw). The purchase procedure is easy and similar to purchasing any other products. After completing the purchase the customer gets one licence code in the form of a print-out or e-mail message. The number of test examinations available on the customer's account will be updated each time the code is purchased on the Platform.
  4. Next step is to download the Epsilon software from the and install it on your device.
  5. After starting the application, you should choose the “Administrative Panel” (“Panel administracyjny”) tab and then click the “Register” (“Zarejestruj się”) option. If access to the Platform was purchased by an individual person, his/her first and last name should be inserted again in the field “Name of institution” (“Nazwa instytucji”).

The Epsilon Platform allows you to register two kinds of accounts:

ATTENTION! You CANNOT JOIN licenses ascribed to different kinds of accounts!

Licences are the form of purchasing access to the Epsilon services. One licence gives the possibility to conduct one examination with a given test. At the moment of purchase the number of examinations as well as the kinds of tests should be specified.

To satisfy various needs of the Epsilon Platform users two kinds of licences have been provided:

  • Examination licences (with reports) – possibility to conduct examination and get a full report (rough and processed scores with an interpretation)
  • Research licences (for scientific research purposes) – possibility to conduct a research and to get rough and processed scores;

Examination licences are available at full price, whereas research licences are available:

  • for all customers at a price reduced by 50 percent as compared with the price of the examination licence
  • for students and universities only at a price reduced by 80 percent as compared with the price of the examination licence

Once your purchase has been completed, you get an appropriate code in the form of a print-out or e-mail which allows to recharge your account. To recharge the account by means of the code, you should log in “Panel administracyjny” of the application, choose the “Wykaz licencji” tab, and then click the option “Dodaj licencję”.

The customer's wallet is an alternative way to get the access to the Epsilon Platform. It allows to manage conveniently the budget for a research which uses psychological tests. The customer does not need to decide either which instruments available on the Platfrom s/he will use, or how many licenses s/he will need. All s/he has to do is to recharge the customer's wallet with a chosen amount of money using the standard methods of purchase in the Laboratory (the purchase of the wallet code in the Symptomy bookstore). Once the code will have been inserted, the wallet will be recharged and your financial means can be managed, that is, they can be exchanged for licences when needed.

While purchasing the wallet code the customer may choose his/her own amount of recharge or get one of the available recharge packages which are offered at discount prices. Recharge your wallet with a chosen amount of money and use the available tests as you wish – exchange your financial means for licences according to your needs. The exchange will be carried out automatically on the Platform with no need of any other formal proceedings.

The advantages of using the customer's wallet option:

  • convenient budget management
  • possibility to quickly and easily satisfy the need for a given test
  • constant overview of available financial means
  • possibility to check many tests

We invite you to use our attractive recharge packages. After completing the purchase, you will get a code which will allow you to recharge your account. To recharge the account by means of the code, you have to log in the “Administrative panel” (“Panel administracyjny) application, choose the “Licenses list” (“Wykaz licencji”) tab, and then click the option: “My wallet” (“Mój portfel”) → “Recharge wallet” (“Doładuj portfel”).

It is a standard procedure to send a customer only electronic invoices (to a provided e-mail address), and the paper ones are sent only on a special demand. This kind of purchase procedure makes the waiting period for test materials significantly shorter in comparison with traditional pencil-and-paper versions sent by mail.

On creating the account and logging on the Platform for the first time, each customer gets two free test licences (available only if the licence purchase option, and not the wallet recharge, has been chosen). Free licences should help to get acquainted with the Platform functioning and to allow trial testing without spending the licences bought earlier. We invite you to purchase many test titles on your first visit, to get well acquainted with the possibilities offered by the Platform.

ATTENTION: To start using the Epsilon Platform, it is necessary to send the document authorizing the Laboratory to process your personal data. The document should be signed by an authorized person. You can find the sample document here.  All further details can be found in the Rules for Epsilon Platform Users.


The 42 most popular tests from among those offered by the Laboratory are already available on the Epsilon Platfrom. The list of tests will be extended and will soon include most of our current offer.

The list of available tests will be constantly augmented.

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