• Why does the application start so slowly?

During the first start, the application downloads files necessary to perform examinations from the server. If the client has bought many tests, the downloading process can last even more than ten minutes. However, each next start will take much less time (usually some seconds).  

  • With the application running, I can’t do anything else on my computer. Why?

In order to preserve standard test procedure, some Windows functions are blocked during the examination - the examinee can’t minimize the application and launch other programs (including browsers). Print screens are also blocked.

  • Why do I need to install the application? Why don’t do the tests through the internet browser?

The examination performed through the internet browser would be dependent on the risk of the disruption of internet connection, and it may bring some technical problems. It would be also a doubtful procedure in the light of the standards of administering psychological tests.

  • There are a couple of psychologists working in my company - can we all use one account on the Epsilon platform?

Yes – it is possible. There is also no problem with creating separate accounts for each employee. According to the rules about the access to the Epsilon platform within organizations, it is governed by their own regulations.

  • Are the results of my examinees really safe?

In order to meet the best standards for data security, the development of the Epsilon platform was preceded by numerous consultations with the GIODO (General Inspector of Data Protection). Personal data and test results are stored on the server dedicated solely to the Laboratory. Moreover, during the communication between the application and the server, the Laboratory uses the SSL certificates analogous to those in online banking. All these measures are adopted to ensure the highest level of safety of data transmission and storage.

  • May I perform examinations using a tablet or other mobile device?

Current software version is compatible with Windows. If your mobile device works with Windows, it’s OK. We plan to develop a platform version for tablets and the Android system. However, you must remember that the screens of mobile devices are much smaller and it may be more difficult to read test items, especially pictures.

  • I am using „PTK computer tests” software. I have many unused licenses, may I exchange them for Epsilon licenses?

We do not foresee such a possibility. Anyone with PTK licenses left can use them afterwards. At the moment of introducing the sale of tests on the Epsilon platform, the PTK software installation discs will be withdrawn from the bookstore, though it will be possible for a time to buy additional licenses for the PTK program.

  • During the examination, there was a computer crash/power outage - what now?

In the case of computer failure, the examination will be considered broken off. The psychologist has the chance to continue the examination using the same computer within two hours after the failure. Later, the examination will be considered broken off, and the license for the unit taken away from the user’s account.

  • Will the MMPI®-2 be available on the Epsilon platform?

The MMPI®-2 will be available on the Epsilon platform immediately after obtaining the consent from the publisher of the original version.

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