DTVP-3. Developmental Test of Visual Perception – Version 3

Donald D. Hammill, Nils A. Pearson, Judith K.Voress

DTVP-3 is an adaptation of the most recent version of Marianne Frostig's very popular Developmental Test of Visual Perception.  It is the second modification of the primary test. Modifications in this version go quite deep in comparison with the version which was available until now. This makes the rating of child's visual perception much more effective. The test material included in DTVP-3 meets the requirements of contemporary psychological assessment. The norms which are currently developped will allow to assess children from the age of 4 up until the age of 11-12.

DTVP-3 can be applied to:

  • assess the level of development of visual peception and motoric-visual co-ordination in children who do not show symptoms of general developmental disorders
  • assess the readiness of kindergarden children – from  the point of view of the development of their visual perception – to start learning to read and write
  • adapt the level and type of corrective training to the level of visual perception
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