DSR Plus – modified version of the Children Development Scale DSR


We are glad to inform that the DSR Plus is already available!

Examination with the DSR Plus allows to assess the current level of development in a child between 2 months and 3 years of age in its three main aspects: linguistic, motor and cognitive.

The examination procedure itself remains unchanged, however the new indices were designed for the assessment of small children’s psycho-motor functioning. The new manual was prepared which refers to the interpretation based on the division of the Executive Scale into scales related to the three spheres of a child’s development (speech and communication, motor skills, cognition).

With the DSR Plus a psychologist assessing the early development of a child gains new diagnostic opportunities unavailable in the earlier version of the DSR released in 2007.

The Executive Scale in the DSR Plus allows to:

  • assess the development level in its three main aspects: speech and communication, motor skills, cognition
  • separately assess motoric efficiency of a hand (manipulation) as well as control over body position and the general physical ability (large motor skills)
  • separately assess the development level of passive and active speech
  • assess general development level by means of an index in the form of deviation quotient
  • describe development achievements of a child in relation to his/her age and referring to: passive and active speech, large motor skills, manipulation and cognotove functioning (action schemes acquisition, perception, attention, short-term memory, imaginative thinking).

We invite you to develop your diagnostic skills with the new version of the DSR.      


DSR Plus – modified version of the Children Development Scale DSR
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