DCS-II Nonverbal Learning and Memory Test

Sigrid Weidlich, Amin Derouiche, Wolfgang Hartje
Polish standardization:
Iwona Bac, Joanna Stańczak
Adults aged 20–79
Individual administration, no time limit, approx. 20 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

Description: The DCS-II is a revised version of the DCS test (already well-known to Polish users as Brain Damages Diagnosis or DUM). It is designed to measure ability to memorize and learn nonverbal material. The test examines manifest, semantic short-term memory, the ability to memorize and learn nonverbal figural information as well as the ability to easily recall infomation. It also allows to describe learning processes.

The DCS-II includes the following indices:

  • Correct reproduction indices – which measure the ability to learn nonverbal material
  • Learning effciency index – which is the general measure of the memorizing efficiency when dealing with figural material
  • Error index  - which measures memory disfunctions/deficits

Reliability: Very high internal consistency.

Validity: Seems to be proved by the following data collected for the standardizaton study: the older the examinees the lower their scores, no gender impact on scores, significant associations with other memory measures, significant associations with scores in the tests measuring attention and executive functions, that is, cognitive processess involved in the process of memorizing and reproducing various materials; significant association as well with the reflexive executive style.

Another positive evidence of the DCS-iI validity is results of the reseach conducted among clinical groups, first of all significantly lower scores among OUN patients, depressive and schizophrenic patients as well as those with minor cognitive disorders – as compared with nonpatient adults.     

Norms: For adults aged 24-79 (based on the national sample)

Applicability:  The DCS-II can be applied to examine both nonpatients and patients with various disorders in order to assess their abilities to memorize and  learn figural material. The DCS-II can be applied in the clinical and neurophysiological diagnosis, in the neuropsychological jurisdiction for the assessement of efficiency of such cognitive functions as the ability to organize visual stimuli, ability to memorize, recall, recognize and learn visual-spatial material. The test is also designed to assess dynamics of visual memory processes and can be useful in defining clinical variables which may affect cognitive functioning. The test can help to diagnose cognitive disorders (problems with concentration, learning and memorizing) caused by medicine use or being the result of changes linked to the development of illness.

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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