CUIDA Questionnaire for assessment of adoptive parents candidates available soon!


CUIDA questionnaire is designed to rate candidates for adoptive parents, guardians, foster-parents, and mediators. The questionnaire allows to assess personality variables, parenting styles, and a person's ability to provide care for a biological child, an adopted child, a child in a foster family or  in child-care institution. It is also designed to measure an ability to take care of dependent persons such as the elderly, ill, or disabled.

The test authors are specialists with a broad experience in adoption, clinical and court psychology as well as psychopedagogy. Their experience in these fields and the fact that they represent various perspectives result in Cuida being at once coherent and based on many theoretical perspectives.

Cuida can be used to:

  • assess candidates for adoptive parents and guardians
  • select candidates for child-care jobs (in nursery schools, kindergardens, child-care centers and hospices)

Cuida scores can help to identify and eliminate weak candidates for these jobs.

CUIDA includes 175 items which assess affective, cognitive and social variables related to the ability to create care relationships. Results are scored with 14 basic scales: Altruism, Openness, Assertivenes, Self-evaluation, Problem-Solving Ability, Empathy, Emotional Stability, Independence, Flexibility, Reflectiveness, Sociability, Frustration Tolerance, Ability to Create Emotional Ties, Ability to Cope with Loss. The answers are given using a 4-grade scale.

CUIDA also includes three control scales (Social Approval, Inattentiveness, and Response Incoherence). Test scores can be defined in terms of one additional factor (Aggresiveness) as well as three second-order factors (Responsible Care, Emotional Care and Sensitivity to Others).

Normalization research in Poland was conducted among general population aged 20-79 and among candidates for adoptive parents – the sample included 971 persons in total.

Cuida is used as an obligatory tool in the assessment of candidates for adoptive parents in Spanish-speaking countries including Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador.

Cuida will be available for purchase in March 2016.

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