CISS – manual with a newly standardized version of the tool


We are glad to inform that the 4th edition of the manual  for the Coping In Stress Situations questionnaire is already available. It includes new updated norms for the two age groups: 25-54 years and 55-79 years. What these norms show is that persons examined now score significantly higher on the SSZ scale and significantly lower on the SSE scale than those in 2003 when the previous norms were developped.

The manual  also includes valuable new knowledge on the relations between stress coping styles and:

  • single or multiple personality features such as positivity (resembling optimism), sense of effectiveness or procrastination tendency
  • depression measured by the BDI-II
  • life and marriage satisfaction
  • various aspects of professional functioning: personality features important for effective professional functioning, leadership styles, professional burnout, job satisfaction and work commitment.
CISS – manual with a newly standardized version of the tool
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