Raymond B. Cattell, Alberta K.S. Cattell
Polish adaptation and manual:
Anna Matczak, Katarzyna Martowska
High school students, university students, adults with higher education level.
Individual or group examination; time limit about 30 minutes
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

It measures the general intelligence understood as the fluid intelligence. The tasks require inductive reasoning based on a geometric material. Intended for above-average intelligent people.

Description: The CFT 3 consists of two analogous parts, A & B, constituting two separate booklets. Each part includes four compound tests. There are only closed ended tasks which consist in choosing correct answers from options given. The answers are to be written down in a self-copying sheet which includes a key. One can use both parts of the CFT 3, or the part A only.

Reliability: Entirely satisfactory internal consistency of the general score (Cronbach’s alpha .80), slightly lower, but satisfactory nevertheless of the part A (Cronbach’s alpha .77 – .81 depending on the sample). High test-retest reliability in adults, lower in high school students. The scores are significantly better after 3 weeks.

Validity: The validity of the CFT 3 as a test measuring fluid intelligence proved by: decreasing of scores with the age, high correlations with the scores of fluid intelligence tests (Raven’s Matrices and Raven’s Matrices Advanced), significant, but lower, with crystallized intelligence tests (Omnibus, APIS, TRS-Z), correlation of CFT 3 scores  with school grades in high school students.

Norms: For high school students (3rd graders), university students, adults with higher education level – for the overall score part A, and for the general score (part A + part B).

Application: CFT 3 informs about the intellectual capability of the examinee. It is thus especially useful, when the goal of the diagnosis lies in prognosing success in new areas requiring attainment of new competencies.  It can be recommended in vocational selection and vocational counseling in schools. Because of the considerable difficulty of the tasks, it is suited for prognosing success in higher levels of education and functioning in the job positions which require a high degree of intellectual competence.


  • Kit (manual, 5 test booklets part A, 5 test booklets part B, 25 answer sheets part A, 25 answer sheets part B)
  • Manual
  • Test booklet part A (5 copies)
  • Test booklet part B (5 copies)
  • Answer sheet part A (25 copies)
  • Answer sheet part B (25 copies)
Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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