BIP – The Bochum Inventory of Personal Work Features


BIP is a questionnaire designed to measure (in a structural way) a respondent's self-image.

The score of a self-descriptive questionnaire is based on answers given to 220 items which refer to 14 features measured by the instrument. These features include Achievement motivation, Power motivation, and Leadership motivation (included in a dimension of PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION); Social sensibility, Openness to relations, Sociability, Towards team-orientation, Assertiveness (included in a dimension of SOCIAL COMPETENCE); Conscientiousness, Flexibility, Towards action-orientation (included in a dimension of PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR); Emotional stability, Work under pressure, Self-confidence (included in a dimension of PSYCHOLOGICAL NATURE).

To allow comparisons between a given person's self-image and an impression he/she made on others, the BIP questionnaire is accompanied by a short scale that may be filled out by other persons. It is called Observation Scale (O version). It allows to analyze dimensions in which a person's self-image might be different from his/her public image.

Divergence between the scores given by these two instruments may provide valuable information about the impression a person makes on others and about how this impression differs from his/her own self-images. The divergence, however, my prove dubious, if the observer does not know the perceived person thoroughly enough.

The connection between self-judgment and judgments by others may provide the following information about the respondent:

1. “The public I” which refers to evaluations of which a person is aware and which are obervable by others as well.

2. “The private I” which refers to the aspects which are known only to a given person and are not disclosed to others.

3.“Blind spots”, or behaviours of which a person is not aware but which other people do know.

4. “The uknown”, or qualities which are inaccessible both for a given person and for those who observe his/her and are located at the subconscious level.

The Bochum Inventory of Personal Work Features will be available for purchase at the end of October 2014.

BIP – The Bochum Inventory of Personal Work Features
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