Autism Diagnosis Interview – Revised Version


We are glad to inform that the ADI-R is already available!

Autism Diagnosis Interview – Revised Version (ADI-R) is an extended interview the purpose of which is to obtain information necessary to diagnose an autism-spectrum disorder. The ADI-R is commonly used all over the world and considered to be a golden standard in the autism assessment. It is often used together with the ADOS-2.

The ADI-R user should be experienced clinician well acquainted with the autism spectrum disorders and with their various symptoms within human behaviour. It is important for the user to already have had contact with patients and a chance to observe their behaviour thereby acquiring experience necessary for detecting ASD symptoms within all types of behaviour.

The administration requires co-operation of an informant (parent or guardian). The diagnosed person – who is absent during the administration – might be of any age provided his/her mental age is at least 24 months. The interview relates mainly to three areas of functioning: language/communication, social interactions as well as fixed, repetitive and stereotypical patterns of behaviour and interest.


Autism Diagnosis Interview – Revised Version
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